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Hawaii Wedding Love Was
Born Out of Three Things

1. An obsession with weddings.
It’s a party that celebrates love. Nuff said.

2. A completely biased pride of Hawaii.
We have gorgeous venues, delicious food from various cultures, kick-ass vendors, and unique traditions. Most of all, we have the spirit of aloha.

3. The thought that there should be an easier way to plan a wedding in Hawaii.
It’s time-consuming and tiring to do multiple Internet searches for everything you need.

Of course, you can hire a wedding coordinator who knows the inside scoop (and I totally recommend at least getting a pro to help you on the big day, if you can afford it), but some people (like me) need to do the research themselves to be able to sleep at night… and feel that much more confident come wedding day.

Hawaii Wedding Love is a blog dedicated to inspire and support couples planning their wedding in the Hawaiian Islands. We’ve tried to pack all the information you’ll need in one place, so your wedding planning journey is a little bit easier and much more fun.

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