Wedding Acronyms

Wedding Acronyms

Browse through an online wedding community and you’ll quickly see that they’re speaking in code. With all the hours it takes to plan a wedding, it makes perfect sense that engaged people would save themselves a little time by using acronyms. Start your “weducation” with this list of the most popular wedding acronyms.
Wedding Acronyms

  • Some wedding acronyms have multiple meanings depending upon context.

AI: All-Inclusive (referring to honeymoon hotel)
B2B: Bride To Be
BF: Boyfriend
BM: Bridesmaid or Best Man
BP: Bridal Party or Bachelor(ette) Party
B-Pics: Boudoir Pictures
BTW: By The Way
BUMP/Bump: Bring Up My Post (Used in online forums to “bump” a post up to the top)
C&P: Copy and Paste
CP: Centerpiece
DF: Dear Fiance
DH: Darling/Dear Husband
DOC: Day-Of Coordinator
DW: Destination Wedding
ER or E-ring: Engagement Ring
EP or E-party: Engagement Party
FG: Flower Girl
FI: Fiance
FIL: Father-In-Law
FILs: Future In-Laws
FBIL: Future Brother-In-Law
FFIL: Future Father-In-Law
FMIL: Future Mother-In-Law
FOB: Father Of Bride
FOG: Father Of Groom
FSIL: Future Sister-In-Law
FW: Future Wife
FWIW: For What It’s Worth
GF: Girlfriend
GM: Groomsmen
GP: Grandparents
GTG: Get Together
HM: Honeymoon
HTH: Hope That Helps/Helped
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
IHO: In Honor Of
IKR: I Know, Right?
ILs: In-Laws
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
IOW: In Other Words
ITA: I Totally Agree
JP: Justice of the Peace
KWIM: Know What I Mean?
LTBM: Living Together Before Marriage
MC: Master/Mistress of Ceremonies
MIL: Mother-In-Law
MOB: Mother Of Bride
MOH: Maid/Matron Of Honor
MUA: Made Up Artist
NH: New Husband
NWR: Not Wedding Related
OOT: Out Of Town (guests)
OTOH: On The Other Hand
PP: Previous Post
PSA: Public Service Announcement
RB: Ring Bearer
RD: Rehearsal Dinner
RP: Repost
SAHM: Stay-At-Home Mom
SAHW: Stay-At-Home Wife
SAHD: Stay-At-Home Dad
SO: Significant Other
STD: Save-The-Dates
SWR: Sorta Wedding Related
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TPTB: The Powers That Be
TTD: Trash The Dress
TYC: Thank You Cards
WP: Wedding Planner or Wedding Party
WR: Wedding Ring
WTK: Want To Know

HTH! Did I leave anything out? Leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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