Wedding Table Name Ideas

Hawaii wedding table names - landmarks

If you’re doing assigned seating at your wedding reception, along with the seating plan, you’ve also got to figure out what to call each table. Sure, giving them numbers is traditional and easy, but that can make your guests feel like they are in a hierarchy, creating whispers like “how come the bride’s family gets to be on Table 1 and the groom’s family on Table 2?”

You’re already personalizing every bit of your wedding, why not have fun table names too!

Having your wedding in Hawaii opens the door to some pretty unique table names.

  • Local Food

Introduce your guests to Hawaii’s local eats with table names like loco moco, spam musubi, poke, laulau, and poi. Dessert lovers can use sweet treats like shave ice, malasadas, haupia, guri guri, and manju. Want guests to mingle around? Include your recommendations for the best places to get that particular food on each table, so guests will be encouraged to check everything out.
Hawaii wedding table names - local food

  • Tropical Fruits & Flowers

Want names that sound a little more elegant? Name your tables after fruits or flowers found in the islands. Bonus points for using these in your centerpieces too.

Fruit suggestions: pineapple, mango, lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, coconut, papaya, lychee, starfruit

Flower ideas: hibiscus (the yellow hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower), plumeria, pikake, ohia blossom (Big Island’s official flower), lokelani (Maui’s official flower), ilima (Oahu’s official flower), ginger, orchid, bird of paradise, heliconia, protea

  • Hawaiian Royalty

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that was once a kingdom with its own monarchy. Pay homage with wedding tables named after members of the royal family.
Hawaii wedding table names - Hawaiian royalty

  • `Aumakua

In Hawaiian, `aumakua (OW-ma-KOO-ah) is a personal guardian spirit or family protector, thought to be deified ancestors who manifested in certain forms. Popular `aumakua include manĊ (shark), pueo (owl), honu (turtle), puhi (eel), and mo`o (lizard). You can see a longer list of `aumakua here.
Hawaii wedding table names - aumakua

  • Hawaiian Words

Sweet Hawaiian words would make for romantic and exotic-sounding table names. Use popular terms like aloha (many meanings including love, hello, and goodbye), mahalo (thank you), and ohana along with less familiar words such as mau loa (forever), hau`oli (happy), ku`uipo (sweetheart), honi (kiss), pomaika`i (good fortune/good luck), ku`u lei (my beloved), ho`opono (faithful), and `aka`aka (laugh).
Hawaii wedding table names - Hawaiian words

  • Your Favorites

Use your favorite movies, songs, books, or hobbies. Table names are also a great place to incorporate something you love that may not necessarily exactly fit with your wedding theme. I’ve heard of naming tables after sports teams/players, Star Wars, wine varieties, types of tea, chocolate, etc.

  • Places

Name tables after destinations you’ve visited together, places you’ve lived, or landmarks that played a role in your courtship. My husband and I actually used names of our favorite beaches. You could display the table names using photos at those locations, postmarks, or maps.

Kyle and Lindsay named tables after their favorite Hawaii places and had a talented artist friend make the cutest name cards. You can see more examples over at Kate & Oli.

Hawaii wedding table names

  • Sentimental Names

Some couples have opted to use their table names to honor lost loved ones. Another idea is using names of pets throughout the years.

  • Different Languages

Giving each table the name ‘love’ in various languages is a popular option. A newer version of this is to call each table ‘one’ and make everyone feel special.

  • Make Numbers More Personal

If you don’t want to deal with naming tables, there are a couple ways to make table numbers more personal. Create keepsake numbers with pictures of both of you at that age. Instead of using normal numbers, you could use those that mean something to you such as important dates, addresses, lucky numbers, area/zip codes, etc.

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